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Rajeev Kumar

Description – peacock. signed as RK in english, Apr 10 

Medium – oil on canvas. Learnings from last painting and some youtube videos on oil painting gave me courage to use oil.

Size – x X x

Details – this painting is more earthly and needs no explanation. This took 15 days to dry up compared to moments for acrylic. Has thick layers of paints. For experimentation oil is a good medium as you can have enough time to touch up if you dont like what you did. Tried to use all the colors I could but could not get them to come out nicely as I had expected. May be I should allow one layer to dry up before using other colors but by then I may lose interest to finish up the painting. The random strokes are attempt to emulate impressionist style of painting but look like lot of catchup to do.

Time taken to complete – 3 hours at stretch with touchups here are there for next 2 – 3 days.




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Rajeev Kumar

Description – untitled. unsigned, undated

Medium – acrylic on canvas. The acrylic was decided when I thought oil color was too expensive to try for first painting.

Size – x X x

Details – first painting I did few months ago. No idea about what I was going to do and no idea what it turned out to be. Just played with paints as much I can. It has been difficult explaining the concept to others. So next painting is more earthly..

Time taken to complete – half an hour in night followed by blackout about how this is going to evolve and then 2 hour in morning with fresh ideas.



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this is how my mouse moved on mac for last one day – used application at to generate it.

prints of such are being used as art pieces also

see more of such photos here at flickr


what i have been reading …

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i buy many books and lots of them does not go beyond few pages, always hoping to give a second look when I will be motivated or bored enough. Luckily the last two has been good on this front. One autobiography and other fiction but both keeps your interested till you are done.

SIMPLY FLY(Capt Gopinath) – picked up this book from a newly opened crosswords nearby. It is in continuation of many indian CEOs coming with their autobiographies.

Capt gopinath career – army, fought a war, went on backpacking to US and India, left job, started farming at a barren land, made name in customizing sericulture for greater productivity and eco friendly manners, started two wheeler showrooms, udupi restaurents, farming consultancy for irrigation products, politics, helicopter company, deccan airlines, politics and now deccan 360. All of them needed him to brush his ways with govt agencies and sometimes in areas where giants like Singapore airlines and Tatas have failed. At all stages he did completely different thing without having slightest knowledge of what he was going to do.

That apart the book never lets you lose interest and I completed all of 400 pages in a weekend. It feels like a work of fiction, very well narrated and there is not a single paragraph where I felt bored.

DORK (Sidin Vadukut) – The story is of a management graduate taking up interviews for his first job a a management institute and joining a consultancy firm, going through usual grinds of staying in a big city and his life at his workplace. Something most of us can relate with. This is written in diary or blog style and is a relaxed reading.

Lot of indians are taking up writing. The author is editor at mint.This also reminds of chetan bhagat type of stories which you can read as you are seeing the bollywood movies with a climax thrown in.

PS – A Twitter style novel may be the next big thing.


cs5 is round the corner…

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you dont need to understand the intricacies of photography to appreciate this feature

register for launch here



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“A wise man is never busy, and a busy man is never wise.”
Yutang Lin

bus·y (bz)

adj. bus·i·er, bus·i·est

1. Engaged in activity, as work; occupied.

2. Sustaining much activity: a busy morning; a busy street.

3. Meddlesome; prying.

4. Being in use, as a telephone line.

5. Cluttered with detail to the point of being distracting: a busy design.


adobe captivate on mac ???

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one of the advantages of twitter is that it gives you instant feedback of the product unlike blogs which is a thought over thing. tweets are as the first thought that came to your mind on the topic. I have been following Adobe Captivate on twitter recently and it is buzzing about adobe captivate on mac. I could not help myself a bit of researching on net to find what are the information about captivate on mac platform.

  • found this petitiononline petition for captivate on mac request.
  • probably one of the most commented blog on this topic
  • as the name indicates – a website dedicated to this request though not much activity
  • a blog post by one of the mac users on how to run captivate on mac in virtual XP environment
  • and a recent blog post on the same topic by a captivate users

and here are some of the reactions on facebook



Update 1 – 11th May 2009 – Read the announcement of Adobe Captivate on mac here. Follow the instructions to join the prerelease program if you are interested.