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i installed google chrome…

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after watching below advertisements and its making I installed google chrome …

and seeing noticeable difference with my existing browser.


some adobe captivate 4 widgets…

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and I thought no one is creating widgets in adobe captivate 4. But I found few very nice widgets out there created in last few months when I was not tracking.

one of the early adopters of captivate 4 widgets – – has been creating lots of widgets – read about them here. you can found another collection of very nice widgets at jim leichliter blog. Most interesting of them is a “video in TOC” widget. Interesting part is that this is part of the functionality of a new feature of Adobe Captivate 5 called “Multivideo support and synchronization“. read about this and other new features here. He has other widgets also which probably would have taken a release for Adobe to deliever but with widgets API this is in hands of developers.

Whyves is making debut with this very cool widget named “interactive labels” – click below image to see the demo.This is adding a dash of wow factor to captivate projects.


adobe captivate 5 is released for windows and mac…

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finally it is out of door. Read here.

to help you in deciding whether you should go for this or not adobe has done independent study on how much time you can save. They compared doing similar tasks in Adobe Captivate 5 with previous version. For ex – you can now create software simulation 39% faster. Read this pdf to know the details.

here are my other reasons why anyone should consider buying the latest version of Adobe Captivate.

  • It works both on windows and mac. Captivate behaves exactly same on both platforms. The content created are also same and can be used interchangeably on both platforms without any worry. So no more workaround of “running vm on mac for using it” and reasonings like “captivate is the only reason I need a window machine”.
  • You can open multiple files at same time and work across them. Seems a basic feature but for captivate users this has been long missed feature. And in real life projects this will be the first thing you will notice.
  • almost no dialogs. Most of them are now PI which are more familiar to anyone coming from a Creative suite perspective. And the overall user interface is no learning curve for someone coming from other adobe applications.
  • if you though adobe flash should have screen capture – see this functionality in eLearning suite 2.0.

There are many new features which you will appreciate. Some of them are

  • Optimized user interface
  • Object Styles
  • Master Slides
  • Rich animation effects if you always wanted captivate to be closer to flash in terms of rich effects
  • Multivideo support and synchronization
  • Tracking and reporting if you were intimated by various lms and your clients did not have one and still you wanted the functionality.

besides this there are multiple small nuggets which you will notice while working on this.

PS – if anyone follows this blog they can roughly guess the timeframe of captivate release by looking at the frequency of posts. Before the release it starts warming up, after release the frequency increases and in between release it almost dies down.



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Rajeev Kumar

Description – peacock. signed as RK in english, Apr 10 

Medium – oil on canvas. Learnings from last painting and some youtube videos on oil painting gave me courage to use oil.

Size – x X x

Details – this painting is more earthly and needs no explanation. This took 15 days to dry up compared to moments for acrylic. Has thick layers of paints. For experimentation oil is a good medium as you can have enough time to touch up if you dont like what you did. Tried to use all the colors I could but could not get them to come out nicely as I had expected. May be I should allow one layer to dry up before using other colors but by then I may lose interest to finish up the painting. The random strokes are attempt to emulate impressionist style of painting but look like lot of catchup to do.

Time taken to complete – 3 hours at stretch with touchups here are there for next 2 – 3 days.



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Rajeev Kumar

Description – untitled. unsigned, undated

Medium – acrylic on canvas. The acrylic was decided when I thought oil color was too expensive to try for first painting.

Size – x X x

Details – first painting I did few months ago. No idea about what I was going to do and no idea what it turned out to be. Just played with paints as much I can. It has been difficult explaining the concept to others. So next painting is more earthly..

Time taken to complete – half an hour in night followed by blackout about how this is going to evolve and then 2 hour in morning with fresh ideas.



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this is how my mouse moved on mac for last one day – used application at to generate it.

prints of such are being used as art pieces also

see more of such photos here at flickr