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path of sun from my room…

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i did not expected that these will come but here is a pair of pomegranate fruits which are growing up in my balcony.


and here are few pictures I took at almost same time when the sun rises in morning in last 3 months to show how sun moved from just visible to fully visible from my room –










tata nano – not just a car

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just got a glimpse of the tata motor nano – the $2000 car. I am not a automobile lover but first glimpse could not stop looking at it. And thinking that a parking lot in bangalore would cost more than this car. It could have been passed as normal car or even a better one. By no standard it looks as a cheap car but the one which every one would want to have. It is just the price which makes as if every one could afford to have, though I have no such plans.

Here are some of the photos which I clicked. This is where you keep your tyres and not engines.


Engine is at back side –


And some of the ways Tata is using to keep the marketing cost down, click the image below to go to their site –


  • its official site is promoting presence on forums, blogs, facebook, orkut
  • there are many videos which are hosted on youtube and the website embeds them.
  • it allows you to book online
  • and you would not miss seeing this as it is displayed at all tata retail stores like westside, croma etc and any shopping you do at their stores allows you to fill up coupons and participate in lucky draw to win a nano.

The only downside is that it has potential to nullify the goods that electric cars are doing for future.


twitter – the only thing getting attention

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looks like twitter is the only thing that is getting attention if you are following technology trends now a days. Be it television or web suddenly everyone has started talking about it. Some report shows that 5 year students are using twitter as a way to learn maths and soon it will be part of curriculam in schools.

here is a gartner report on how enterprises are using twitter. it says “By 2011, Enterprise Microblogging Will Be a Standard Feature on 80 Percent of Social Software Platforms” and probably a way to earn money through this medium. Enterprises are using twitter in following ways – 

  • Direct — The company uses Twitter as a marketing or public relations channel
  • Indirect — The company’s employees use Twitter to enhance and extend their personal reputations, thereby enhancing the company’s reputation
  • Internal — Employees use the platform to communicate about what they are doing, projects they are working on and ideas that occur to them
  • and as inbound signalling – Twitter streams provide a rich source of information about what customers, competitors and others are saying about a company.

I have also jumped to twitter bandwagon after watching it from sidelines since almost 2 years. I use twitter to broadcast any interesting piece of news I come across internet. It is faster than blogging about it. If I can add any contribution to the news then I think about blogging it.

wordpress has also released its twitter widget today – read it here which I have added for this blog. Look at right hand side for my twitter feeds. You can add as many twitter widget as you want if you have more than one twitter page. And the links are fully functional…


is the world flat…

In mobile development,random thoughts,the world is flat,thomas friedman on August 28, 2007 by rajeev kumar

world-is-flat.jpgi have been reading “the world is flat” by Thomas Friedman. The author talks about how the world has changed from columbus times when he thought world is round to his time when he concluded that the world is flat.

He divides world into three great eras of globalization. Initially the world was big and people or kingdoms or societies knew only a part of it or did not know how big is the world. According to them the world was very big , so big that they did not know most of the thing about it.

The first era began with (1492 – 1800) when Columbus found that world is round and it opened trade between new world and old world. The world became of medium size. Countries and government defined the world. Energy was most precious thing , be it manpower, horsepower, steam power etc. Whoever has most was the king.

Next was Globalization 2.0 (1800 – 2000) – The world shrank from medium to small size. Instead of countries The Companies took the centerstage and they defined the world. This era saw East India company taking over India. Industries and hardware were the most important things and they defined the world. It started with falling goods movement cost due to better roads and rail roads and ended with falling information movement costs due to better optical fibre network which laid the foundation of next era.

Globalization 3 (2000 onward) further shrank the world from small to tiny. Here individuals were at centerstage and they defined the world. Softwares were the most important things. And they allowed individuals to collaborate in such a way that they had equal resources and opportunities available to them and everybody had equal chance to succeed. In rest of the book he goes on to describe how it became possible.

He lists 10 forces that flattened the world – which basically revovles around advancement in softwares, software as a tool to helping in workflow, open source movement, standards, outsourcing, offshoring, Y2K, google and finally mobiles. He envisions a world where mobile will be your second identity and will be a the closest bridge between individual and technology. But is it still a level playing field for entrepreneurs who are eyeing mobile software development. I came across a blog post which discusses the issues around mobile development. This is a interesting read. Some are seeing the problem whereas others are seeing it as possible opportunity.


google sky…

In google sky,random thoughts on August 24, 2007 by rajeev kumar

as if google earth was not enough google has released google sky. Now you can not only look down from sky but also look up to sky. Urban dwellars are almost forgetting Sky and it will bring stars closer to computers if not life.

people are divided on its utility. They say it is good for students and general public and bad for astronomers who has access to better tools. Google will still be credited with bringing it to general masses if not for the elite. It continues to surprise as to the range of applications it is touching. We can hope to see google sea next in the series. Lesser mortals would be more happier if only it updates bangalore imagery on google earth. Lot has changed since bangalore found place on google earth.

some of the other places to get similar functionality stellariumcelestia and skyscout

read about it here in google earth blog. to know more details and features read it here. and why some dont like it.

Articles – express about your weekend…

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funpiperlg.jpgafter a whole lot of social networking sites which are center piece of web 2.0 phenomenon , here comes a dedicated place where you can discuss what you did on weekends and more what you plan to do on weekends. Weekends as they say too in their blog accounts for 29% of our life. So they are as important as anything else.

Here are the reasons I could think one would use this site for –

  • first site where one could discuss about what to do on weekends. It might not become a global phenomenon but great place to find local information about the options available for weekends. Which means a very targeted place to find information and to advertise.
  • there are dedicated travel websites but for weekends , no one writes there. The hotel sites normally offer booking for hotels only and they are not updated regulary. It would bring uptodate information.
  • people are already blogging about what they did on weekends but we have to depend on mercy of search engines to give us the information. There is no common place. It fills that gap.
  • if I am the one which own a resort or offer any such activity for weekends , this would be a great place to advertise considering the low budget I have for this and the audience I would find for my money.
  • find answer to what I should do this weekend if there are enough ideas on this site.Right now there does not seems to be much participation but could become very useful if it catches up.


apple iPod in education

In apple,random thoughts,technology on August 9, 2007 by rajeev kumar

iPod is a great success story. It has changed the way people listened to music, specially in the times of internet where everything was supposedly free. It almost saved the music industry.

there are many other ways a iPod is used. One of them is in training and e learning (or m learning / iLearning..). Seeing the popularity of it among students it was not a bad idea to position it as a learning tool. See the apple education site and how iPod and related products fit into this category.