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adobe captivate 4 is released…

In adobe,adobe captivate,adobe captivate new feature,collaborative elearning content creation,e learning,powerpoint to flash on January 20, 2009 by rajeev kumar

Adobe Captivate 4 is released to public. You can read about the pricing details, feature set and videos here

It seems yesterday that Adobe Captivate 3 was released.  Here are my four favourite features to justify a upgrade –

tocEnhance content – For end users most of the appeal comes in how the content looks. And most of us ended up going to other products to spruce up our content and present it in better way. Now all of this could be done with aggregator and Table of content feature.




widgetsExtend content – Most of us used Captivate since long and were almost stuck somewhere about its abilities. We wished some new type of objects or questions could be there. We wished to extend Captivate. Now with Widgets we can create any new type of object, question slides, new buttons etc and it will all follow all the the rules inside Captivate like responding to success/failure, participating in quizzes , adhering to LMS etc. With this probably we would never need to file a enhancement report to Captivate. And with variables and scripting I am yet to gauge fully its power in controlling the content yet following all the business logic of Captivate and eLearning.


commentCollaborate for content– In a large organization we needed to get inputs from various stakeholders about the content we created. Now we have Adobe Captivate commenting feature. Try it out to see the time it saves and the value it brings. If none of these are interesting we could just distribute the file for viewing. It looks so good that people will not stop seeing it.




Reuse content – And who says flash based tools are needed for creating e learning courses. Most of us had content in PowerPoint and though Captivate provided a way to insert them inside Captivate file we still needed to go back and forth between applications if we wanted to modify content. Now we can work on PowerPoint content from within Captivate.

And these are just part of complete feature set. Keep an eye on these spaces for more information on these features in coming days.