adobe captivate this week (sep)

In adobe, adobe captivate on September 15, 2010 by rajeev kumar

Here are what were some of the major happenings regarding adobe captivate 5 on web this week –

the activity on widgets side is high. Michael has released a free version of google map widget – link. If you want more customization with google maps and use it in your captivate project – link. And continuing with his help in proving that widgets can do what adobe would have needed a release. In response to a feature request in adobe captivate forum he has come up with this free widget using which you can replay the current slide – link

a well attended eSeminar on widgets – link . If you missed it you can find the recording on the page.

a blog post on why you should use aggregators in adobe captivate – link

apple has announced that now adobe flash applications can be compiled to iOS compatible apps. Adobe Captivate 5 along with Adobe Flash CS5 which is part of eLearning suite is well geared to take advantage of it. See how to publish captivate courses for iphone and ipad – link


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