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In Uncategorized on April 20, 2010 by rajeev kumar

i buy many books and lots of them does not go beyond few pages, always hoping to give a second look when I will be motivated or bored enough. Luckily the last two has been good on this front. One autobiography and other fiction but both keeps your interested till you are done.

SIMPLY FLY(Capt Gopinath) – picked up this book from a newly opened crosswords nearby. It is in continuation of many indian CEOs coming with their autobiographies.

Capt gopinath career – army, fought a war, went on backpacking to US and India, left job, started farming at a barren land, made name in customizing sericulture for greater productivity and eco friendly manners, started two wheeler showrooms, udupi restaurents, farming consultancy for irrigation products, politics, helicopter company, deccan airlines, politics and now deccan 360. All of them needed him to brush his ways with govt agencies and sometimes in areas where giants like Singapore airlines and Tatas have failed. At all stages he did completely different thing without having slightest knowledge of what he was going to do.

That apart the book never lets you lose interest and I completed all of 400 pages in a weekend. It feels like a work of fiction, very well narrated and there is not a single paragraph where I felt bored.

DORK (Sidin Vadukut) – The story is of a management graduate taking up interviews for his first job a a management institute and joining a consultancy firm, going through usual grinds of staying in a big city and his life at his workplace. Something most of us can relate with. This is written in diary or blog style and is a relaxed reading.

Lot of indians are taking up writing. The author is editor at mint.This also reminds of chetan bhagat type of stories which you can read as you are seeing the bollywood movies with a climax thrown in.

PS – A Twitter style novel may be the next big thing.


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