adobe captivate on mac ???

In adobe, adobe captivate, e learning on April 25, 2009 by rajeev kumar

one of the advantages of twitter is that it gives you instant feedback of the product unlike blogs which is a thought over thing. tweets are as the first thought that came to your mind on the topic. I have been following Adobe Captivate on twitter recently and it is buzzing about adobe captivate on mac. I could not help myself a bit of researching on net to find what are the information about captivate on mac platform.

  • found this petitiononline petition for captivate on mac request.
  • probably one of the most commented blog on this topic
  • as the name indicates – a website dedicated to this request though not much activity
  • a blog post by one of the mac users on how to run captivate on mac in virtual XP environment
  • and a recent blog post on the same topic by a captivate users

and here are some of the reactions on facebook



Update 1 – 11th May 2009 – Read the announcement of Adobe Captivate on mac here. Follow the instructions to join the prerelease program if you are interested.


2 Responses to “adobe captivate on mac ???”

  1. I blogged about this in November, after attending the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose

    “Adobe has been hinting about a Mac version of Captivate since at least DevLearn 2007. Well at DevLearn 2008 the hints were brushed aside by this quote from RJ:

    ‘people want that and we are going to deliver’

    Which seems pretty definitive to me. No word in when at this point. I suggest that if this interests you, then you should contact Adobe about beta testing the Mac version when beta testing begins.”

    No ETA has ever been released, but it has been clear for quite some time that Adobe pland to come up with a Mac version of Captivate. If only we knew *when* it is due to appear!

  2. hi steve,

    for *when* – there would be official channels announcing it. I was wondering at sudden rise in interest on this topic and so could not stop looking back for some moment and find about what is publicly available knowledge on this topic:-).


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