election time – resources for bangalore voters…

In indian election on April 21, 2009 by rajeev kumar

Hyderabad was the first city to go to polls among indian metros and young people were not lazy to vote this time. Read here. This can be attrubuted to various awareness campaigns going on and tv ads like this .

23rd is election time in Bangalore and offices are closed so hoping the trend will continue. Below are some of the resources for bangalore voters.

  • How to find if your name is included in electoral rolls – Search here – the pincode is of the area where you live
  • How to find where you need to go for voting – Click here
  • Can you vote if you dont have voters ID card but your name is in the list – Yes keep the documents like PAN card, Driving license, Passpost for identification proof
  • Click here, here , google portal for election, one billion voters – for few more information

the whole elections process looks normal to us but consider the preparation the authorities do in order to give us this option to choose our representative. Some interesting facts about the first phase of polling that began on April 16, 2009.

Update 1 – Did I vote – no – feeling guilty – tried my best to find my polling booth using election commission helpline and other nos including just dial from 9 o clock in morning to 12 o clock, then gave up. The website that I have marked for me failed me as my residence was at the border of its marked boundaries so it did not had data or me.


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