tata nano – not just a car

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just got a glimpse of the tata motor nano – the $2000 car. I am not a automobile lover but first glimpse could not stop looking at it. And thinking that a parking lot in bangalore would cost more than this car. It could have been passed as normal car or even a better one. By no standard it looks as a cheap car but the one which every one would want to have. It is just the price which makes as if every one could afford to have, though I have no such plans.

Here are some of the photos which I clicked. This is where you keep your tyres and not engines.


Engine is at back side –


And some of the ways Tata is using to keep the marketing cost down, click the image below to go to their site –


  • its official site is promoting presence on forums, blogs, facebook, orkut
  • there are many videos which are hosted on youtube and the website embeds them.
  • it allows you to book online
  • and you would not miss seeing this as it is displayed at all tata retail stores like westside, croma etc and any shopping you do at their stores allows you to fill up coupons and participate in lucky draw to win a nano.

The only downside is that it has potential to nullify the goods that electric cars are doing for future.


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