twitter – the only thing getting attention

In random thoughts, technology, twitter, wordpress on March 26, 2009 by rajeev kumar

looks like twitter is the only thing that is getting attention if you are following technology trends now a days. Be it television or web suddenly everyone has started talking about it. Some report shows that 5 year students are using twitter as a way to learn maths and soon it will be part of curriculam in schools.

here is a gartner report on how enterprises are using twitter. it says “By 2011, Enterprise Microblogging Will Be a Standard Feature on 80 Percent of Social Software Platforms” and probably a way to earn money through this medium. Enterprises are using twitter in following ways – 

  • Direct — The company uses Twitter as a marketing or public relations channel
  • Indirect — The company’s employees use Twitter to enhance and extend their personal reputations, thereby enhancing the company’s reputation
  • Internal — Employees use the platform to communicate about what they are doing, projects they are working on and ideas that occur to them
  • and as inbound signalling – Twitter streams provide a rich source of information about what customers, competitors and others are saying about a company.

I have also jumped to twitter bandwagon after watching it from sidelines since almost 2 years. I use twitter to broadcast any interesting piece of news I come across internet. It is faster than blogging about it. If I can add any contribution to the news then I think about blogging it.

wordpress has also released its twitter widget today – read it here which I have added for this blog. Look at right hand side for my twitter feeds. You can add as many twitter widget as you want if you have more than one twitter page. And the links are fully functional…


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