use professional quality images in your eLearning projects…

In collaborative elearning content creation, e learning on March 14, 2009 by rajeev kumar

you are creating a eLearning course and you are on lookout for some professional images. Your course material could be targeted for different segments – it might be for distribution to the students of your class or might be for commercial purposes.

Flickr is a great service where amateurs and professionals upload their photographs which are undoubtedly in most cases of very good quality. Most of them are copyrighted images so you cannot use them legally in your content unless it belongs to you but many are under creative commons license  . Creative Commons is a non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share. 

1 – > How to search for creative common licensed images on Flickr?

Use this

2 – > How to find which license is right for you?

Here is a wizard to help you.license


And if you are using others images why not think about sharing your images on flickr under creative common license – use this link to mark your photostream under creative commons license.


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