monkey menace

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2009 by rajeev kumar

unedited excerpts (except identity withhold) from a mail chain of the apartment complex I live in. 

first mail

wildlife is moving closer to us …after honey bees it is monkey band now. It is funny but these daily visitors have forced us to keep the windows closed unless u r very vigilant all the time. Bathroom chutes are perfec hideouts for them and traffic route too. Kitchen is most frequented place.So has anyone started doing something to deter them besides shouting on them and banging rods around them. If yes, plz share,keeping the widows closed all the time is really not possible long term.

reply 1

we had experienced this monnkeys problem in -(place withhold)-. In fact, they had a fixed time of visitng the complex. A troop of 25-26 monkeys used to walk through the compound wall at 6 pm everyday. They used to get into our utility areas and take away stuff which they were able to. Association had called few people to ward off these creatures. But the problem still persists. I guess we will have to live with it, or accept it as one of the consequences of staying close to Bannerghatta Natinal Park…

reply 2

well -(name withhold)- not only the bathroom chutes are hideouts but they are entrant points also.Since these monkeys are entering from the kitchen and I keep the door closing all the time , now they started entering from the bathroom ventilator as well.Yesterday the monkey  was in my living room which came from the bathroom so I ended up throwing the sticks to scare them. Well happy chasing them.

and who says one needs a break from city life to experience this.

ps : i have not taken permission from the writers of these mails for posting here. First objection I recieve I will put this post offline.


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  1. hi nan Moonkey

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