year gone by and resolutions…

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another year has passed. Our annual shutdown has just ended, actually it has been a week but I am realising it now on the eve of another day of holiday. During it I

  • took rest
  • completed unfinished books of last year. they were –
    • Himalaya – by Michael Palin – travelogue tracing himalaya from west to east
    • Multiple city – writings on bangalore – edited by Aditi De
    • Banker to the poor – by Muhammad Yunus
    • The Kalam Effect – My years with the president – by P M Nair
    • The motorcycle diaries – Ernesto “Che” Guevara – could not pick the momentum to finish it
  • My Canon SLR was gathering dust since years after film rolls were out of fashion and memories began to exist only digitally.
  • found renewed interest in photography after a friend gifted Sony digital camera. Below are some of the early samples. Click to go to flickr to see them in better size-


and few new year resolutions related to this blog. This space has been two years in running and was created as part of one of the new year resolution- 

  • blog more often
  • change the way I blog so that it is more interesting for few people
  • more instantaneous fresh topics. In most of the cases the content is stale and very late.
  • and put more photographs since I have a digital camera now 🙂


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