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after lots of tries and misses I am back to my schedule of early morning jogging. I am already at optimum wieght levels and no matter what my lifestyle is I don’t lose or gain weight so I dont need to worry about weight . The fresh air, and the body mechanism after it , once you are regular with it you will always look forward to getting early next morning.

I have some preferences like I should start it early when it is just visible enough so that I can avoid harsh sun of bangalore. Though temparature is less here sun is more bright.There should not be any pollution either vehicular or dust. I live in outskirts of bangalore where there are no parks or such public places. And add to that the chaos of evergoing construction activities. The vehicles start earlier than me leaving the dusty trail so even if I rise early it was of no good. And hidden opening of BMIC road mean the traffic direction was reversed causing more traffic in the locality I live.

Finally I found the stretch of road inside my apartment complex which is just taking shape as construction activities are nearing completion. And hopefully I can continue with this habit.

Some tips based on my experience –

  • Wear correct footwear.
  • Choose route which is balanced on both sides of your body – Like if you are jogging one way on road and considering the roads are most of the times not perfectly 180 degrees, one side of your body will be at higher level than other side . If you do it for sufficiently long time than your body may get tilted. So include coming back on same road also in your schedule. Or if the track is circular – do both clockwise and anti clockwise.
  • And once you through with initial fatigue and pains listen to your body and dont compulsarily do it.
  • Take rest after 3-4 days.
  • Put different type of excercise in your weekly routine for a day so that muscles are used in a different way.

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