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In adobe captivate, technology on May 16, 2008 by rajeev kumar

one of the addons about maintaining a blog on wordpress is that it give some idea about the users who are coming to this blog. Most of them come through search engines – 

here are some of the terms people use, in order of usage –

  • “adobe captivate” – general term. Probably used by people who are first timers to Adobe captivate. This has the highest count for exact term. Probably tells that there are many people buying captivate for the first time.
  • “captivate file size” – people frustrated by the file size of the captivate contents, and are trying to find way to reduce size. Similar terms are “reduce swf size” , “reducing swf size in captivate” and other combinations. This forms highest count for the category.
  • “full motion slide” , “crack captivate 3” etc.

Most interesting of them is “adobe captivate logo” , “adobe captivate icon” – This also accounts for fairly large no of usage. But could not understand the reason of this string. Are they looking for replacing captivate icon from their swf or from standalone generated by captivate – not sure.


One Response to “blog hits …”

  1. The last search strings is related to wanting to use the Adobe captivate icon on their page (highest probability).

    As for “adobe captivate logo” – that’s my search term for wanting to know what CMYK green combination did Adobe used for the product packaging. Do you happen to know this information?

    Kindly write back to me at my email if you do not wish to publish it online 😀

    Much thanks.

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