In travel, weekend trips on May 9, 2008 by rajeev kumar

next day after a quick breakfast and a stroll around the YOL camp campus we started for Norbulingka institute. This is a place which was founded to preserve and give training of Tibetan art. I was more interested about Thangka paintings. We reached so early that most of the place was just opening up. And Thangka painting section was closed .There is a shop inside from where you can buy other artifacts , the quality of which is good but was expensive for me. There is a doll museam where tibetan life is depicted through intricately crafted dolls.

Mcleodganj is situated at some height from Dharamshala and all along the road there are army cantonments. The place has everything on a 200m stretch of road. All along the road there are shops selling tibetan artifacts, restaurents and coffee shops. At the end the temple is there adjacent to which Dalai Lama also lives. There was huge security to enter the temple and everyone was frisked which I learnt was a new phenomenon, though the security personals were in plain clothes. The whole temple had monks and people waiting to see Dalai Lama. I assumed there would be restrictions in moving around the temple but I was wrong. We took place near the entrance of Dalai Lama residence. Probably he has a very common face but atleast 3 times I thought that the person I am seeing was Dalai Lama. When he came out also in the group there were few lookalikes. Not sure whether it was intentional for security reasons or my mistake. He preaches in tibetan but there are many sections where volunteers are there to translate for you in other languages.

After some time we came out. There is a tibetan museam which educates about their struggle and problems. Picked up few thangka paintings and strolled around in the market. Mcleodganj looks out of the world place, and when monks starts coming out of the temple and they are all over the place is a very photogenic moment. Any writeup about this place wont be complete without few photographs which I missed to take.

after returning from there even if I tried to forget that place I could not with that place getting so much media attention. And the place was so small that I could recognise every corner in the images coming out of there.


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