google sky…

In google sky, random thoughts on August 24, 2007 by rajeev kumar

as if google earth was not enough google has released google sky. Now you can not only look down from sky but also look up to sky. Urban dwellars are almost forgetting Sky and it will bring stars closer to computers if not life.

people are divided on its utility. They say it is good for students and general public and bad for astronomers who has access to better tools. Google will still be credited with bringing it to general masses if not for the elite. It continues to surprise as to the range of applications it is touching. We can hope to see google sea next in the series. Lesser mortals would be more happier if only it updates bangalore imagery on google earth. Lot has changed since bangalore found place on google earth.

some of the other places to get similar functionality stellariumcelestia and skyscout

read about it here in google earth blog. to know more details and features read it here. and why some dont like it.


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