adobe captivate in news and some resources …

In adobe, adobe captivate, e learning on August 21, 2007 by rajeev kumar

an interview about Adobe Captivate 3. watch the video –

watch the demo created in Adobe Captivate explaining how to use Adobe AIR extension for Dreamweaver CS3. This extension is about offline blogging client. How easy it is to convert existing projects to AIR application !

collection of online tutorials to learn Adobe Captivate 2. Much of this is still valid for latest version so still very useful.

learn about new features of Adobe Captivate 3 here. This blog is updated weekly and great place to know about Adobe Captivate and some other applications like RoboHelp etc.

adobe Captivate exchange where few games created using adobe captivate has been uploaded recently. 


2 Responses to “adobe captivate in news and some resources …”

  1. Thanks for picking up my see tutorial site Rajeev – I’m sure I’ll get around to version 3 ones!

  2. hi Andrew – will be keeping eye at your space for further resources.

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