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In funpiper, random thoughts, travel, weekend trips on August 10, 2007 by rajeev kumar

funpiperlg.jpgafter a whole lot of social networking sites which are center piece of web 2.0 phenomenon , here comes a dedicated place where you can discuss what you did on weekends and more what you plan to do on weekends. Weekends as they say too in their blog accounts for 29% of our life. So they are as important as anything else.

Here are the reasons I could think one would use this site for –

  • first site where one could discuss about what to do on weekends. It might not become a global phenomenon but great place to find local information about the options available for weekends. Which means a very targeted place to find information and to advertise.
  • there are dedicated travel websites but for weekends , no one writes there. The hotel sites normally offer booking for hotels only and they are not updated regulary. It would bring uptodate information.
  • people are already blogging about what they did on weekends but we have to depend on mercy of search engines to give us the information. There is no common place. It fills that gap.
  • if I am the one which own a resort or offer any such activity for weekends , this would be a great place to advertise considering the low budget I have for this and the audience I would find for my money.
  • find answer to what I should do this weekend if there are enough ideas on this site.Right now there does not seems to be much participation but could become very useful if it catches up.

2 Responses to “ – express about your weekend…”

  1. Hey Rajeev,

    You got it straight! You are correct in saying about localization thing. As a matter of fact, we have been working on various features including localization at the deeper level (cities).

    We are also coming up with a new look and feel for our portal which should be elive sometime next week. The theme of the homepage design is FUN. As is about weekend fun, the place should represent FUN more than anything else.

    Thanks for presenting your views on It definitely reiterated our vision. Ajitesh

  2. Ajitesh – I am waiting for it to pick up.

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