steve jobs – real and fake

In apple, iCon, random thoughts, steve jobs, steve wozniak on August 8, 2007 by rajeev kumar

fake-jobs.jpgever since I read iCon which is unauthorised biography of steve jobs I was interested in what apple is doing, and what are the founders doing- the two steve – steve jobs and steve wozniak.

while steve jobs has always been in limelight, steve wozniak was living comparatively quite life. Recently one of house Woz lived in was remodelled and up for sale here . Steve jobs life is eventful with initial success, then struggles(ousted from apple, NEXT and initial pixar days) and then more spectacular successes(pixar, apple turnaround, iMac, iPod and probably iPhone). He has left his mark in personal computers, movies, music and now phone.

in the process of trying to know more of steve jobs I came across one of the blogs which was fake steve blog – – which I added to my google reader and it has been since there. The blogger got into persona of steve jobs and described world as would have been seen by real Steve jobs himself. I used to follow it quite a bit and Yesterday there were some news artices disclosing the identity of the blogger behind it who turned out to be forbes editor.  In the news article here it was “Daniel Lyons. He invented the friggin’ Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Have you heard of it? Anyhoo, for the past 14 months “Fake Steve”, or FSJ, has been writing a fake blog that last month attracted 700,000 visitors including RSJ – Real Steve Jobs – and The Beastmaster himself, Bill Gates“.

and interview with the blogger – not sure whether this is real or fake .


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