search things as they are ?

In technology on July 4, 2007 by rajeev kumar

search engines have become such an integral part of our life. they are by far the most visited sites on internet. even if one knows the site url , it is not uncommon that he goes to search engine and types first few words and then clicks the url from the results.
As far as I understand almost all are based on text search, be it from content or metadata or any textual information. It makes sense also as if I would like to find apple I would speak out apple, I cannot tell the other one exact picture of apple. I would say a kilogram of apple and not grapple with how to make him understand my idea of a kilogram. Anything is not explainable as it is – there are human coined words which explains them and that is what search engines are doing. Searching based on the words which describes the information and finding a pattern of importance of words based on context, position and many other things.
but lately there have been some attempts at trying to search objects as they are. If images are made of pixels then find images made of same pattern of pixels. I came across Riya search which is a image search and geometric software’s 3dSearchIT which is a 3dmodel search.


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