will wiki or blogs replace e learning content and the tools

In e learning on June 25, 2007 by rajeev kumar

web 2.0 is about collaboration, networking and commenting alongwith many other terms. With web 2.0 one of the things being said about learning is that content creators will be thing of past and SMEs will take over in creating the content. And web will be delievery medium in form of blogs and wikis.

will it replace content ? The content will still be there. It could change in terms of quality and quantity of information. Probably the profile of content creators can change. It will be SMEs who will take over.

and will it be end of e learning tools even if wikis and blogs take over? E learning tools create content, the things that will change is who is creating the content and how it is being delievered. The tools can still survive if they become dead simple to use so that SMEs can use – it takes care of who part. And they can change the delievery medium to more web based with reduced file size – it will take care of how part. And they are in win win situation as the no of people using the tool will increase.

in other development youtube has incorporated a online video mixer. This is powered by Adobe premiere express. This is a case of how tools are changing themselves in web 2.0 context.


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