watching play .. . . .

In bangalore, weekend trips on June 18, 2007 by rajeev kumar

saturday – 16 june – got an invitation from a friend to watch a play at Gurunanak bhavan. One of friend’s friend was involved in organising the play and he arranged for tickets.  Not very enthusiastic about watching plays but since it was ages we watched any play so we decided to go ahead. It was being done by some groups who were not professional actors and the publicity was only by word of mouth.

impressions –

  • the auditoriam was what it used to be in old days. Multiplexes has changed everyone expectations.
  • the actors now carry cordless microphones. Earlier it was some mikes fixed at stage and actors has to come near it to speak. In professional plays the mics were hanged at multiple positions on stage so roughly it would cover most of the space. And actors can be at their place while speaking. Bit more comfortable.
  • the dialog delievery is at normal pitch now. Earlier it was at high pitch so that mics can pick up the sound.

the same venue is hosting a quiz festival to mark KQA 24th anniversary this saturday.


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