vista good things and bad things (perceptions) –

In technology, vista on June 1, 2007 by rajeev kumar

1 . Startup time is less.
2 . Looks more stable. Less crashes.
3 . handles crashes well. A white layer is shown for applications which has crashed and it always exits without causing restart or anything like this.
4 . UI is good.
5 . General performace is good.
6 . Does not detect network easily when I come to work after leaving the machine locked in night. Has to restart 90 % of times.
7 . Does not behave well with files on network. I try to copy a file which does not have permission for me. Does not show clear message. Just keeps on showing Try again dialog again and again.


One Response to “vista good things and bad things (perceptions) –”

  1. Hello,

    How are you? well you are completly right about your post! i just want windows 7 to come out and we will see how that go’s. But thaks for the post it helped me with my paper that i am righting.

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