first two days with Vista

In technology, vista on April 7, 2007 by rajeev kumar

screenshot_flip_3d.jpgfinally installed vista. Installer gives some user friendly options as to specify location (home/work/public place) of computer so that settings are done accordingly. Have to dig in what are those settings.

user interface was wow as they make you feel with advertisement all over the places. They are getting seen at almost all the places. Translucent windows, preview in alt-tab, tiled windows called flip 3d, widgets were noticeable on first day. could not find old functinality like run. But good thing is that shortcuts are working so I could still bring them. Took time to find out where do I type address in explorer bar.

The speaker icon at the corner did not work.I thought it comes by default. Googling it said many people are facing same problem and it is due to computer going to sleep and than coming back loosing audio. Downloaded some patches but did not worked for me. Tried to install visual studio .net but stuck on some error about regsvcs.exe which I could not get rid for two days.Not going any forward I reinstalled vista and luckily the problems were gone!

User access control is one of the interesting things which might make applications behave differently. There are more message boxes.


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