Rich internet applications for desktops ! with Adobe Apollo.

In adobe, technology on March 23, 2007 by rajeev kumar

apollologo.jpgwhen adobe and macromedia came together people expected at most a player which was a combination of flash and acrobat. This week adobe released public alpha of Apollo which is described as “a cross-operating system application runtime that allows web developers to leverage their existing skills in HTML, JavaScript and Ajax, as well as Adobe® Flash® and Adobe Flex™ software to build and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the desktop”.

it means beauty of web applications and seriousness and power of desktop applications. Any rich internet application built using existing technology can be ported to Apollo without worrying about platform specific implementation. It has pdf support also but wont need full fledged acrobat player, instead existing player on your machine will be used.

people are trying to understand what type of application will be built in Apollo? Here are some thoughts on some use cases of a killer Apollo app for enterprise users outside the realms of creative community which might be attracted at first sight.

it will be mix of online and offline interactions so how users/system will know when to switch? What happens when online content is needed for some interaction? How users expectation are set about how long they can continue offline? What about security issues since interaction is over a wider range? How will installation model be? Will users need to install the application before trying out? And if the applications are going to be in add remove program section – will it look cluttered and eventually stop users from trying more such applications? How powerful it can be? Where will the boundaries be drawn with regards to desktop resource access? How much data will application need to store to provide a better offline experience?

clear some of your doubts here and download it from here.


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