some of the events…

In technology on March 16, 2007 by rajeev kumar

which caught my attention this week despite being in middle of a internal deadline.

twitter growing popularity – any message sent to twitter will be relayed to mobile of your group of friends and to your twitter page. Many like it many hate it.Some like me dont understand it why it is becoming so big. And iit mumbai has banned use of internet for students from 11:30 in night to 12:30 in day. The reason is growing use of internet is affecting day to day behaviour of students and hope that ban will encourage greater social interaction. And others are following it too.

no doubt apple i pod is very successfull in terms of sales no but people are lazy to update music on it. I have U10 from iriver and I use it only to listen radio. slacker is coming up with a new device which is trying to solve this problem. Their idea is a handheld device like ipod or iriver which will automatically update playlist from online radio and you have option to customize and do many things with the kind of music you want to hear. They also have free online jukebox and satellite car kit. And Viacom sued google/youtube for a billion dollor over claims of copyright infringement.


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