bangalore to mekedatu and sangam

In travel, weekend trips on February 27, 2007 by rajeev kumar

after referring to “outlook 52 weekend from bangalore” nearest which came to mind was mekedatu and sangam which are nearby and only 80 kms from our home. Also new bmic road from bannerghatta road to kanakpura road save 15 kms more.

started around 10 o clock. reached kanakpura through new bmic road. the kanakpura town is very small and looked like all the roads are one way. After driving for 5 min in town there was a road going left . We took that , kept going straight , there is one more left turn after 5-10 kms. Avoid that. 35 kms from kanakpura is sangam which is a meeting point for kaveri and arkavathi rivers. There is one restaurent at sangam. Crossed the river and there was are buses exclusively for going to mekedatu. If you want to ask directions dont hesitate as everyone knows that place after kanakpura.

Not what we expected. Felt that this was not right time to visit as everything was dry. It would look nicer with greenary in rainy season.


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