how to reduce captivate file (swf) size

In adobe, adobe captivate, technology on February 16, 2007 by rajeev kumar

users of Adobe Captivate often complain about large size of the swf file captivate generates. It is only reflection of the content you have in you project. Without going into more detail and the reason behind it here are some quick things first time users can do to get low file size –

  1. Plan your recording area. 800 x 600 is good size for websites. If you capture at 1000 x 750 the size of images will be much more in your project.
  2. Go to “Slide Properties” and test with selecting value of Quality from “Standard, Optimized, JPEG, High Quality”. “Standard” will reduce the size. It also reduces the sharpness and clarity of images so test for the optimum combination you get. And dont forget to Do – Settings > Select “Apply only changed properties” in “Which properties” section and “Apply to all” in “Which slides” section. “Close” the dialog and “apply to all” and say OK to dialog. This steps changes the quality to “Standard” for all slides at once.
  3. If you have JPEG images in your project go to Project->preferences and change JPEG image quality to 75%.
  4. Go to Audio->Settings and reduce the “Encoding Bitrate” to as low as you can. Select Custom bitrate and slide to 32 or 24 kbps .Again listen the audio in published swf for the quality you want.
  5. Try not to use Full motion slides in the cases you dont need it like scrolling . Instead just click on the scroll bars to reach the area .Full motion is best suited to recording animations which cannot be done by any other way in Adobe Captivate.

With the above mentioned 5 things you can get much reduction in swf size generated by Adobe Captivate.


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  1. That really helped….great!!

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