planet earth – the series

In random thoughts, travel on February 14, 2007 by rajeev kumar


“A hundred years ago, there were one and a half billion people on Earth. Now, over six billion crowd our fragile planet. But even so, there are still places barely touched by humanity. This series will take you to the last wildernesses and show you the planet and its wildlife as you have never seen them before.”

ā€“ David Attenborough’s opening narration

the celebrated tv series is being broadcasted now a days on discovery channel. It was first of its kind to be filmed in high definition format. It took 4 years, 62 countries and 204 different locations to complete the series. And the hardships like one year for a snow leopard shot, two month trek in mongolia and many more . Read about it more here.

The result is stunning combination of visuals. The shots seems to be taken from so many angles that it is more effect than any movie. Shots like dog chasing their prey in a group. One is from the top of a helicopter, then there are so many camera that every movement is captured. And bizarre scenes like elephant swimming and the underwater camera , aerial camera and many on the land capturing it. Every thing looks so planned and you get view from all the angles. Added with David Attenborough narration and the soundtrack you are just amazed at the scale and variety of planet earth.

The firsts as released by bbc – here.

“Our planet is still full of wonders. As we explore them, so we gain not only understanding, but power. It’s not just the future of the whale that today lies in our hands: it’s the survival of the natural world in all parts of the living planet. We can now destroy or we can cherish. The choice is ours.”

ā€“ David Attenborough, in closing


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