indian ocean, junoon @ iim bangalore

In bangalore, iim bangalore, indian ocean, weekend trips on February 5, 2007 by rajeev kumar

Been to live concert by indian ocean and junoon at iim bangalore annual fest unmaad this saturday. Lucky ali and kailash kher were there on friday. Could not get time on friday so went for the next day show. The tickets were easily available at iim gate on saturday @ Rs 99 and 299. Everything from car parking to crowd management was being done by students.

Indian ocean does not seems to be very popular name outside students circle. But among student they has achieved a cult status. Might be due to very less exposure on television. I heard some of their songs two year back and also liked black friday numbers very much which were all done by them. The sounds are very different. The vocals is also very indian. For lyrics there is nothing which is flowing or has meaning like normal songs. I like them despite not finding the flow or some continuous meaning. They are mixture of dohas, shlokas, folk songs, interesting words. Overall they sound good, hummable and not like anything you have heard before. Currently only indian band whom I will buy to listen. I only hoped there was more vocal and words in their numbers.

Next came Junoon which was also good but nothing which differentiates them from others. They said they are in existence since 1988 .Some of their songs were good.

And the worst part was when the last joint number by Junoon and Indian ocean has to be cancelled as it was almost 11 pm which is the deadline for such performances in bangalore and the police was there to make sure that it is being followed. Sad and abrupt ending to good times we were having.


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