this month – scott myers..

In algorithm, c++, security, technology on January 29, 2007 by rajeev kumar

This month has been good in terms of peoples I have listened to.

Robert Sedgewick at Adobe, bangalore on Finding paths in graphs. A computer science professor at princeton university, he has written several books on algorithms and is also on the board of director of Adobe.

Scott myers at Dr Dobbs SD Best Practices 2007. Familiar name for any body who know c++. Author of Effective c++ series. His topic was better software – no matter what. There was nothing new but just listening to him was an experience. Takeaways were , name everything well. Make it hard to make mistakes for others using naming conventions. Utilizing c/c++ type checkings at compile time as compared to runtime overheads. Do static analysis and code reviews instead of relying totally on QA efforts.

Herbert thompson at Dr Dobbs SD Best Practices 2007. He is the author of several books on how to break software security. Did not know him earlier but the talk on security was good. Got insight into how softwares can be broken by people of other types. He showed bugs in notepad and our own Adobe Macromedia Flash.  For the first time I understood and saw live demonstration using macromedia flash player 6 – buffer overflow vulnerability and how it can cause malicious code to execute – it was interesting.


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